How to create a Cardano Wallet address for the KYC?

For simplicity’s sake, we suggest you the tutorial to have a Yoroi wallet, compatible with Cardano Native Tokens.
1️ - Go on, click on ‘Download’ and choose your browser
2 - Once the Yoroi extension added to your browser, follow the instructions below:
Click on:
> “Create wallet”
> “Choose Cardano”
> “Create wallet”
3 - Once your wallet is created, 12–15 words randomly generated will appear: this is your private key. You will need them in the future to access your wallet or your funds
Write them down and keep them safe. If you loose these words or the order, your funds will no longer be recoverable!
4️ - Once connected to your wallet, click on the “Receive” tab
5️ - You will see your wallet address appear, copy it!
6️ - Go back to the process on the ICO website and paste the wallet address