What are the characteristics of the token?

The CLAP token is a Utility and Governance Token which will be created at the beginning of the ICO.
Here are the characteristics of the token:
Characteristics of the CLAP token
The CLAP token will be issued from Smart Impact.
Smart Impact is a French SAS, a French société par actions simplifiée (simplified joint stock company), registered at 12 boulevard de Sébastopol, 75001 Paris, France, registered with the Paris Commercial Registry under the registration number RCS Paris n°903 291 839 (hereafter referred to as 'Smart Impact').

What is the total Supply of CLAP tokens?

1,000,000,000 CLAP token will be created.
This billion of tokens won’t be immediately circulating. A great part of them will be locked from 6 months to 3 years. Please check the Vesting Period question for further details.

How are the tokens distributed? What percentage of tokens is reserved for the team?

CLAP token distribution
The treasury will be governed by the community once it has been released (12 months after the ICO).
We are currently considering different options for governance (Foundation, DAO, …etc). In no case will this treasury be owned by the team, decentralization and community participation are embedded in our core values.

What are the vesting periods? Are the team's tokens and other partnership tokens locked for a certain period via Smart Contract?

Yes they are. Except tokens sold during the Public Sale, all of them will be locked at first. Vesting periods vary according to who they belong to.
CLAP Token Vesting Periods

How long will it take for the total supply to be distributed? How are tokens released over time?

The tokens will be released gradually to avoid an erosion of the token price. Here is the release chart:
CLAP Token Release Chart
Please note that 50.9% of the total supply will be in the treasury, locked 12 months and then governed by the community.

What are the concrete utilities of the token for the project? What are CLAP Utilities?

At first, holding CLAP will have 2 main utilities:
  • Participation in project selection: CLAP Holders will vote for projects they like the most by a staking system (with an APR of 7-8% annualized)
  • Participation in Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs): CLAP Holders will be privileged. They can invest their CLAP without any fees. They are the only one that can be whitelisted.
In the future, CLAP holders will be able to:
  • Participate in Liquidity Pool project fundings
  • Participation in Stake-to-Earn project fundings
  • Be eligible to AirDrop project fundings
  • Many other things that are coming soon

What is your tokenomics?

Here is the tokenomics overview, a summary of all the previous questions.
CLAP Token Tokenomics

Will I be able to trade my CLAP tokens? If so where? How can I sell my CLAP?

Yes you will!
At first, we will provide liquidity on a Cardano-based DeX. We are currently assessing Cardano DEXes to choose the right partner(s) for us!
In the long run, we will set up our own DEX (see our Roadmap in our white paper p.7) both for the valuation of CLAP and for the end-to-end control of the UX-UI.
A project that raises with us will have to provide liquidity on our DeX thus ensuring a market for its tokens which is a guarantee of security for the projects and their investors.

What are the advantages holding CLAP Tokens? What makes it a good investment?

CLAP is a utility token that will allow its holder to access the services offered with benefits, participate in the governance of the ecosystem and earn tokens by performing actions deemed virtuous by the community.
Holding CLAP is a good investment for several reasons:
  • Capacity to stake: Through the voting system, CLAP Holders stake their CLAP on projects they like the most by a staking system (with an APR of 7-8% annualised)
  • Being privileged in IDOs:
    • Able to invest their CLAP without any fees
    • Be whitelisted in projects and to be the first to access token sales
  • Being the owner of a token that is valuated through innovative ways:
    • At first, CLAP tokens will be valued via a constant reduction of the circulating supply.
      • 1% of each transaction to treasury is burned
      • CLAP tokens are frozen in Liquidity Pools
    • In the long term, CLAP token value will rise through:
      • Liquidity Pool fundings
      • Stake to Earn fundings
      • AirDrops

How can I be sure to get a big return on investment? 🐵

  • First launchpad on Cardano → Cardano community is waiting for a big project, here it is
  • A-level team: a mix between the best of the blockchain world and the best of the start-up world → huge expertise for funding & accelerating projects
  • If you invest now, you are at the very beginning of the project, huge potential for a high ROI
  • Ongoing partnerships with experts from the impact world
  • Many innovative methods to make CLAP's value rise! (See question 'What makes it a good investment?')