Launchpad FAQ

What's the aim of our launchpad ?

Cardashift’s Launchpad aims to raise funds, build and accelerate startups that are solving social and environmental issues.

How do we compare ourselves with other DeXs / launchpads on other blockchains who have succeeded?

Launchpads or decentralized platforms on blockchain have a real potential. Let’s take the example of one of the most famous one: Polkastarter - + $200M of market capitalization on the POLS, 97 funded projects and $38m raised in a few months with + 25k unique participants
  • Real proof of concept on a decentralized platform for financing innovative ideas Of course, we should mention Catalyst - it shows us the potential of a community-based platform to choose, review and fund ideas for improving the whole ecosystem
  • We decided to use it to submit our project to the Cardano community
New ambitious projects are joining the dance: Maiar Dex and Launchpad, Orca on Solana, etc.
With Cardashift, we are going further:
  • Not only funding but also accelerating the projects - we maximize the chances of profitability of your investment
  • Focus on impact ventures - help the members to reconcile profitability and positive impact
  • Relying on Cardano community - giving them the opportunity to concretize their vision with Cardashift - total alignment between Cardano and Cardashift’s DNA

What are forces of Cardashift launchpad compared to other launchpad on Cardano?

  • Impact vision aligned with Cardano’s DNA
  • Team of experts not only on the blockchain aspect but also on accelerating projects → secure your investment
  • SmartChain is one of the only actors in the blockchain ecosystem with a specific focus on Cardano

What makes us different from other launchpads?

  • Real claim: addressing environmental and social issues
  • Creating impact, alongside profits for our investors
  • Not only funding but also accelerating projects with teams of experts: Matters/Stim/SmartChain → making sure token will appreciate over time
  • Decentralized ambition → CLAP holders are not only investors, they are part of an impact-driven-community (voting system, regular interactions with community)