Cardashift Team FAQ

Who are you? What is the team behind the project?

A coalition of three companies stemming out three worlds:
We are 35 committed and passionate workers splited in 5 teams:
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Blockchain (Developers and Tokenomics)
  • Experts Product (Product development & Designers)
  • Impact Assessment
  • Growth

What is the team's expertise?

Matters: Product and start-up studio helping new businesses to succeed and scale their idea from inception all the way through to finished product/service. Their team of dedicated business, product, and technology experts has been supporting businesses for over 14 years. They have assisted over 150 startups with a cumulative value of +1bn$ and built 100+ MVPs. Our success rate is upwards of 90%. They will mainly bring their expertise for business & service design.
SmartChain: A firm focused on Blockchain research and innovation. Specialized in POS blockchain development with technical knowledge of the best and most suitable technologies. Passionate about Cardano and his scientific approach, they are experts in scalability of Proof Of Stake Protocols, Payments, ZeroKnowledgeProof, Secure multiparty computation (MPC), Certification & Traceability use cases, and Governance and Incentive Systems. Besides, their Haskell developers took part in the Plutus Pioneers program to learn the IOHK vision of Haskell development.
Stim: A spin-off from Mines Paristech, a top-level European engineering university, Stim specializes in radical innovation exploration and acceleration for environmental shifts. For the past 7 years they have been developing disruptive innovation strategies and products for industry leaders in energy, food, and mobility. They will mainly bring their expertise for impact assessment, follow up and radical innovation.

Have the team already developed similar products?

Yes, they have!
Stim has led 200+ innovation projects for Fortune 500 companies. They are focused on designing new concepts and turning these innovative ideas into real solutions that can be developed. One of the most famous ones is with the leader of the glass packaging to develop a new concept leading to 40% reduction in weight.
Smart-Chain has already developed many decentralized/blockchain-based products such as a DeX (Vortex of Smartlink), a launchpad on Tezos, a Wallet (Easy Wallet), …
Matters is a start-up studio that has already designed and conceived many products including financing platforms. One of them is Teamstarter, a crowdfunding platform for internal company ideas. today, the combined valuation of all accelerated startups is about $1B+.

How can a blockchain team have the skills to support impact projects?

Precisely, because we are not only a blockchain team. We are a coalition of three companies from three different worlds: blockchain, startup, radical innovation but all with a claim on impact.
  • Matters: Product and start-up studio with a success rate over 90%
  • SmartChain: PoS blockchain development experts with strong background in R&D
  • Stim: specialists in radical innovation and acceleration for green transitions
Each company was committed to using its methods and expertise for meaningful changes but on its own, the impact scope was limited.
We therefore joined forces to create a structure capable of sourcing, financing and accelerating impact projects

Who are Cardashift's advisors?

We are really interested in advice, external opinions and new expertises. Therefore, we were given the support of legal partners, carbon and impact experts, communication and marketing advisors and cardano ecosystem leaders.
We had already announced some of them here :
More to come!

Do you outsource?

Our ecosystem is not closed: we want to involve external partners and/or experts when relevant. The goal is to maximize the potential and impact of the projects we support. We also intend to rely on the community.
In the long-run, we want to be able to replicate our model of acceleration in other parts of the world. We completely agree with the decentralized vision of the blockchain ecosystem in which everyone can contribute. However, it is difficult to envision a full decentralization from day 1. That’s why we need to build and iterate on the ecosystem’s governance to ensure it will go smoothly when we'll hand over the reins to the community.

I notice that your teams are French. If you have to accompany African or Asian projects, can Smartchain, Stim and Matters do it?

Our ecosystem is not closed: we want to involve external partners and/or experts when relevant. The goal is to maximize the potential and impact of the projects we support. We also intend to rely on the community.
On some aspects, SmartChain, Stim & Matters will be relevant, even though the project is in another market:
  • Product roadmap design
  • Impact roadmap
  • Blockchain use cases
Of course, for some particular missions (e.g. market studies, consumers testing etc), we can and will solicit other service providers.
Our purpose is to create an ecosystem of reliable partners in each part of the world, so that every potential project can benefit from the most appropriate support.