Welcome to Cardashift

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Cardashift is an ecosystem of products and services designed to foster sustainable development based on Cardano blockchain technology.
The very first product in our ecosystem, Cardashift Launchpad, is set to be the first ADA-based launchpad for impact projects.
Led by 3 complementary companies, we are a collective of passionate entrepreneurs and experts in blockchain, innovation and product management willing to leverage blockchain technology for a sustainable and prosperous future !
The ecosystem is powered by $CLAP utility token, which can be leveraged to fund above-mentioned transitions.
CLAP token will be used to ensure the sustainability of the whole ecosystem and especially Cardashift Launchpad at first.
We want to enable every entrepreneurial project with a high environmental and social impact to be supported, financed and accelerated.
You’ll find in this gitbook all the answers you are looking for about Cardashift (FAQs) and a tutorials section to know how to buy and store your ADAs, by choosing the more adapted wallet to your needs.