Cardashift Project FAQ

What is Cardashift?

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The launchpad in service of social and environmental impact. Powered by Cardano blockchain.

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Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues.
Cardashift is based on Cardano, the blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries.

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Cardashift is an ecosystem of DeFi products based on Cardano blockchain.
Through our launchpad, Cardashift will finance social and environmental impact projects that have a high potential.

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Cardashift builds an ecosystem of products and services based on Cardano blockchain technology to foster sustainable development, including its social and environmental dimensions. The ecosystem is powered by CLAP utility token, which can be leveraged to fund above-mentioned transitions. The very first product in our ecosystem, Cardashift Launchpad, is set to be the first ADA-based launchpad for impact projects. We are a collective of passionate entrepreneurs and experts in blockchain, innovation and product management willing to leverage blockchain technology for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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There is growing awareness of the high stakes involved in sustainable development. It has been estimated that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 requires investment to the tune of $5-7 trillion annually . The current impact investing ecosystem needs to develop further and so that we can unlock its full potential. In late 2020 the IMF estimated that funds labelled as sustainable made up only 7% ($3.6 trillion) of the overall investment fund sector. This level of commitment falls far short of the estimated funding needed to reach the SDGs.
"The question is whether impact project leaders will receive enough backing to meet the challenges our world is facing. The answer is no"
These changemakers lack not just funding, but also the right support they need to increase their success rate, as well as analytical frameworks for evaluating the return on their impact investment. This in turn means that the tangible evidence which could serve as the basis for subsequent investment decisions is simply not being generated.
Blockchain technology and its underlying economic models enable us to rise to these challenges in two key ways:
  • First, they offer the opportunity to generate funding for entrepreneurs in an unprecedented way Second, the decentralized finance (DeFi) model and its concomitant technologies provide entrepreneurs with the building blocks to implement, assess, and monitor their projects.
  • In addition, we believe that real world tokenization is no longer a fantasy. Rather it has the potential to exert a powerful positive influence on how impact project leaders outside the blockchain ecosystem can tackle major environmental and social challenges.
With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Cardashift!
An ecosystem of products and services based on Cardano blockchain technology and designed to foster sustainable development, including its social and environmental dimensions.
The very first product in our ecosystem, Cardashift Launchpad, is set to be the first Cardano-based launchpad for impact projects. Our market research revealed that existing launchpads are insufficiently robust and lack a structured framework for accelerating the process whereby impact projects become financially viable investments.
Our launchpad is state-of-the-art, with a highly developed acceleration framework engineered to yield high success rates for impact ventures. What sets Cardashift apart from its peers is its combination of technical competence (products/ processes) with considerable fundraising ingenuity.
Cardashift draws on the Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing (Bouri, 2018) and is closely aligned with the GIIN’s vision of a world ‘in which social and environmental factors are routinely integrated into investment decisions', without being dismissed as ‘externalities'.
The first phase of our development roadmap aims to use our launchpad as a bridge between cryptocurrencies’ financial capacity reserves and impactful projects in need of funding. This will be followed by a second phase dedicated to developing specific impact products on-chain. To ensure the ecosystem is sustainable, as well as to fuel the development of the Cardashift launchpad, a utility token, CLAP, will first be launched.

What is the value proposition of Cardashift?

Accelerating change by making real-world-impact a smart investment.
We will provide two unique enablers to boost projects with a meaningful social and environmental impact:
  • Enabler 1: Allow non-dilutive funding by leveraging Cardano blockchain
  • Enabler 2: Boost success rates with acceleration frameworks to support project leaders

Why is Cardashift unique?

Cardashift is the first impact-oriented launchpad on Cardano (in line with the DNA of Cardano)
Seeing beyond the funding:
  • Offer to our community a way to make profits while having positive impact
  • Make sure we help the projects create this impact with an adapted acceleration program
Enable CLAP holders to be not only investors, but part of an impact-driven-community:
  • Actively participate in the selection process with the voting system
  • Share feedbacks with the Cardashift’s team and project owners
  • Suggest projects on the launchpad

What are the strengths of Cardashift?

  • A-level team - a mix between the best of the blockchain world and the best of the business world
    • Extensive expertise for funding & accelerating projects
    • Big network whether in the blockchain ecosystem or in the startup one
  • Ongoing partnerships with impact world experts. For instance, Renaud Bettin, a carbon expert, helped us a lot with his long term vision of the carbon market.
  • First impact-oriented launchpad on Cardano → we are in line with IOHK’s vision, Cardano community is waiting for a big project, here it is - huge time to market
  • Choosing Cardano offers us a huge level of security and scalability on the infrastructure
  • Ambition to become a completely decentralized ecosystem: give the example first by leading the first fundings and acceleration programs and then replicate the model
  • Huge market to come on the impact investing ecosystem: $5-7 trillion required annually to achieve SDGs
    • Big investments from governments & big corporates are expected
    • Impact ventures will be needed

What is the future of Cardashift? Has Cardashift physical limits?

Cardashift's ambition is to be deployed worldwide.
To reach the territories and act as close as possible to the populations, we rely on local partner structures. Indeed, our vocation is not to set up our teams on-site, but to build a network of trust with reputable local actors who share and adapt our methods and objectives.
This linkage work was initiated in Africa where we already have an ambassador in the person of Sébastien Lyon (former director of UNICEF France) and partner structures in several countries (EIC Corporation, Blockchain Association of Cameroon, Blockchain Association of Burkina, etc.). We are currently expanding this network to cover Europe, America and Asia.
The current objectives of our partnerships is to help us conduct field studies, identify the right change makers and deploy the products and services developed by Cardashift and the accelerated projects. In order to scale up, one of the considered methods is to increase the skills of our partners on the basis of our frameworks and delegate project incubation to them.

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