How to buy ADA ?

If you are new to the cryptocurrency world, here is a short explanation of the functioning of this ecosystem.
Most blockchains are permissionless peer-to-peer networks, meaning anyone can join a network by running the corresponding software (eg. Bitcoin Core for Bitcoin or cardano-node for Cardano)
Blockchains are basically records of transactions, these transactions can represent simple tokens transfers between users or more complicated computations.
In order to transact on a blockchain network, you need to obtain the blochain’s native asset to pay for fees (eg. bitcoins for Bitcoin or ADAs for Cardano).
The CLAP (Cardashift's token) is a Cardano's native asset so you'll need to buy ADAs first to buy CLAPs on the dedicated exchange.
--- How to buy ADA ? Despite the decentralized nature of blockchains, we still need centralized entry points to be onboarded. Of course, you can ask a friend to send you some crypto in exchange for USD or whatever, but that’s not the easiest and most frequently used way.
Analogously to stock trading platforms, crypto exchanges connect buyers and sellers. You can sell your USD or any other supported FIAT currency against multiple cryptos.
Some well known exchanges include Binance, Coinbase,, Kraken.
1 // Create an account on an exchange regulated in your country.
2// Verify your identity to comply with your country's regulation regarding cryptocurrencies.
3 // Deposit cash on the exchange. Generally through wire transfer or credit/debit card (note that it's faster but more expensive using a card).
4 // Once your account is funded you can start trading your FIAT currency against ADA by choosing the corresponding pair (eg. USD/ADA).
5 // Congratulations, you bought your first ADAs ! Next and most important step is to store your cryptocurrencies.
Find the complete tutorials for each platform : Binance,, Coinbase, Kraken Congrats 🎉🎉🎉 Once you get your ADAs, click right to know how to store your cryptocurrencies