Impact Projects FAQ

What are the main characteristics of the projects you are targeting?

Our investment thesis takes into account three key criteria:
  • Early-stage projects - we want to focus first on projects/ideas that are at the beginning of their development lifecycle with the objective of supporting and accelerating them
  • High business potential - we want to guarantee promising investments for our community by making sure the project owners team has a certain entrepreneurial maturity and a capacity to execute. We also check the relevance of the pain point addressed and the business model potential
  • Intention to generate a tangible and positive impact - projects should address at least one of the 7 key goals we identified: Air, Water, Finance, Education, Food, Health, Ecosystems

What are the selection criteria for projects listed on the launchpad?

Two main criteria for a project:
  • Being in line with our investment thesis
  • Having the support of the community
We have a three-step selection process (for more information, please check the whitepaper (p.13-20:
  • Screening phase:
    • Scam detection
    • Alignment with one or more of our impact themes
    • Potential of the team and the project on the market
  • Voting phase:
    • Community members are invited to stake on their favorite projects
    • The most popular ones are pre-selected
  • Due diligence phase
    • Deep diving into project’s potential and notion of impact
    • Meeting with the team and scientific experts
    • Specific grids for this last stage

What will be the first project on the Cardashift launchpad?

Haha ! Who knows… Stay tuned

Is this launchpad open to all projects or can impact projects without blockchain apply?

All impact projects can apply, on-chain or not, tokenized or not!
We want to foster sustainable development, including its environmental and social aspects, and it means not only Blockchain products.
Our goals during the pre-funding support and the acceleration phase is to help you make the most of the blockchain applications.
If your project is not tokenized yet, we will work with you to do so and to maximize your chances of success.

Why are you relevant for the support & acceleration?

We are skilled & complementary professionals for turning promising ideas into viable & impactful startups:
  • Matters has assisted over 150 startups with a cumulative value of +1bn$ and built 100+ MVPs. Our success rate is upwards of 90%.
  • Stim specializes in radical innovation exploration and acceleration for environmental shift. For the past 7 years they have been developing disruptive innovation strategies and products for industry leaders in energy, food, and mobility.
  • For BC use cases, SmartChain is a team of experts in scalability of Proof Of Stake Protocols, Payments, ZeroKnowledgeProof, Secure multiparty computation (MPC), Certification & Traceability use cases, and Governance and Incentive Systems.
  • Some experts or external service providers can be solicited if the project requires a particular support
In the long-run, we aim at creating a network of reliable business partners to be able to provide the most appropriate acceleration program to every project, no matter where it is located.